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Research has shown that the best indicator of treatment success is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and client. Thus, I strive to form a strong relationship with my clients that is comprised of trust, respect, caring, and shared decision-making. I am a warm, collaborative clinician, and find that my sincerity, empathy, and use of humor allow clients of all ages to feel comfortable, safe, and understood.

Services: Services


Preteens, Adolescents, Adults

I provide psychotherapy for preteens, adolescents, and adults experiencing attention/executive functioning difficulties, anxiety, school/work stress, relationship issues, difficulty coping with life transitions, and more. I work with individuals to enhance self-understanding, improve communication skills, and develop effective solutions to achieve their goals. I draw from many treatment models and approaches, including developmental, cognitive behavioral, relationship-based, and collaborative problem-solving approaches. Typically, psychotherapy is weekly, and is always specifically tailored to meet each individual’s needs.



Individuals, Couples, Families

I offer parent coaching/consultation to individuals, couples, and families. This service can take many different forms, including, but not limited to, weekly or biweekly sessions, video observations/coaching, reviewing documentation or evaluations of your child to translate and apply information to the home setting, and consultation with other professionals in your (or your child’s) life as needed.

*I offer a free 15-minute consultation call to answer questions & to determine if we are a good fit.*

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